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Personal Injury Clinic

Our Personal Injury Clinic treats people who have sustained automobile and work related injuries to their neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Our physicians are injury treatment specialists that are well versed in the legal system and can work with your lawyer. We are experts in writing medical-legal reports and giving court testimony.

We are "Colossus Aware", meaning that we are familiar with a computer computer program  named "Colossus", which insurance companies use to devalue patients' claims for injuries and to discount lawyer and physician services. As a result, you can rest assured that your medical legal reports will be written with the utmost care for detail and accuracy.


Exhibited in the links below is our letter to your attorney concerning Colossus, and samples of our medical report writing thoroughly documenting patient injuries:

Attorney Letter About Colossus

Sample Medical-Legal Report #1

Sample Medical-Legal Report #2

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