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"The best of alternative and modern medicine for the benefit of the patient"

Comprehensive Health Services (CHS) is a multidisciplinary clinic with physicians practicing modern medicine, surgery, and alternative therapies. We have an outpatient surgery room equipped with modern endoscopes, an anesthesia gas delivery system, and a CO2 laser.  Our office pharmacy contains homeopathic, botanical, and prescription medications and natural substances for the health and convenience of our patients.

Our Personal Injury Clinic treats people who have sustained automobile and work related injuries to their neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs. Our physicians are injury treatment specialists that are well versed in the legal system and can work with your lawyer.  We know what patients and their lawyers need, understand pain and suffering, and are experts in writing medical-legal reports and giving Court testimony.

Ongoing clinical research studies at CHS help pharmaceutical and device manufacturing companies offer new and innovative treatment to patients, often before they become available to the general public. Patients who participate are given free medical care for the duration of the study, and feel good about the fact that they are helping others.

Comprehensive Health Services was founded in 1922 by Dr. Sara Gear, NMD, DC, and her brother Dr. Robert Gear, Sr., NMD, DC.  It has remained in the Gear family name at this same location for three generations.  Dr. Robert Gear, Jr., has pioneered the modern "Manipulative Surgery" technique.  Ask him about it!

Simply stated, we offer the best of alternative and modern medicine for the benefit of the patient. If you care about your health, have an open mind to considering alternative therapies that work, and you would like to look and feel better, then we have the right doctors for you. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Comprehensive Health Services establishes relationships with patients that will last a lifetime!


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